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IRCTC has revolutionized life of the common man travelling with the Indian Railways. IRCTC Online Ticket booking system is a boon to the common man, empowering him through technology. Launched in August, 2002, the Company had booked a mere 27 tickets on the first day of its commencement of Internet ticketing service in the country. From the first day 27 i-ticket bookings, the Company has reached to a record of 15.88 lakh e-tickets booked on 21st March 2022. Now after more than 20 years of a sparkling journey, it has emerged as one of the largest e-commerce website in the country and Asia Pacific. The e-Ticketing System was replaced with Next Generation E-Ticketing (NGeT) System from 28- Apr-2014 and the capacity of per minute ticket booking was increased progressively. The NGeTsystem is supported by high capacity servers which has got a capacity to book more than 26,000 tickets per minute. It had witnessed a record booking of 28,434 tickets in a minute on 12-November-2022 (at 11.02 min). IRCTC is pioneered in internet-based rail ticket booking through its and IRCTC Rail Connect Mobile Apps (Android and iOS platform)which is accounted for 80.99% of the total reserved tickets booked on Indian Railways, in FY 2022-23. On an average, 11.82 lakh tickets were sold daily through IRCTC's Website and Mobile App during FY2022-23. The site offers round the clock ticket booking services, except for a 35-minute break from 23.45 hrs to 00.20 hrs.

a) No. of E-Tickets and Passengers Booked:

A total of 4313.00 lakhs tickets have been booked in 2022-23 as compared to 4174.49lakhs in 2021-22. Total 7706.40lakh passengers got booked on E-Tickets in 2022-23 as compared to 7343.26 lakh passengers booked in 2021-22. The ratio of Passenger to Ticket during the year was 1.79:1.

b) E-ticketing Revenue Collection

During the year 2022-23, a total amount of Rs. 54313.46 crores was collected as Ticket Fare from the users as E-ticketing revenue, which is about 42.26% more than the last year’s collection of Rs. 38178.32 crores.

New Initiatives Taken During 2022-23

  • A. System Improvement:IRCTC has taken proactive preventive measures at system level to curb Touting Activities:
    1. More than 26 Lakh personal user IDs were deactivated and total 193 PNRs were releasedof amount Rs. 5,25,500/.
    2. ITAF of IRCTC has been strengthened with technology partner with AI/ML tools. The daily Tatkal logs were analysed to get the suspicious users and block the suspected IDs & IPs. The process for real time check of automated tools from booking is being examined.
    3. More than Rs. 25 Lakh as penalty amount was recovered in the case of decoy check of RSPs by ITAF Team.
    4. Under Digital Risk Protection works, take down related works on any suspicious URL, fake website etc, more than 50 take down had been completed.
    5. More than 10 Crore IPs and 60 VPS/Cloud Service Provider were blocked at Firewall level.

  • B. Other New Initiatives Taken During 2022-23:
    1. Berth booking Facility for Infant child in IRCTC Rail Connect Mobile App was given:
       a)  Android:   06- April -2022
    2. e-Wallet registration facility in IRCTC Rail Connect MobileApp was introduced:
       a)  Android:   06-Apr-22
       b)  iOS:   09-Nov-22
    3. Default travel insurance option avoiding extra popup on passenger reservation page in IRCTC Rail Connect Mobile App was introduced:
       a)  Android:   06-Apr-22
       b)  iOS:   13-Jul-22
    4. Enhanced and simplified user account recovery process in IRCTC Rail Connect Mobile App started:
       a)  Android:   06-Apr-22
       b)  iOS:   09-Nov-22
    5. Quick quota selection option and easy filter modification for journey date change on TRAIN LIST page provided to customers in IRCTC Rail Connect Mobile App:
       a)  iOS:   09-Apr-22
    6. New UI Design for the Dashboard Page launched for customers in IRCTC Rail Connect Mobile App:
       a)  iOS:   09-Apr-22
       b)  Android:   29-Nov-22

    7. New dedicatedTRAIN page for train related services: IRCTC has developed a dedicated page on Rail Connect Mobile App from where user can check his journey details, schedule of train, train running live tracking etc. :
       a)  iOS:   09-Apr-22
       b)  Android:   29-Nov-22
    8. Implementation of new "VISTADOME" class in IRCTC Rail Connect Mobile App:
       a)  Android:   29-Apr-22
       b)  iOS:   02-May-22
    9. Proliferation of iPay Booking in IRCTC Rail Connect Mobile App:
       a)  iOS:   02-May-22
    10. Refund of Travel insurance premium amount against cancellation of tickets in IRCTC Rail Connect Mobile App started:
       a)  iOS:   02-May-22
    11. Changes in IRCTC Rail Connect Mobile App was done to display berth availability status’s last updated time from cache at train list page:
       a)  iOS:   02-May-22
    12. IRCTC Server date and time is now displayed on Rail Connect Android App's TRAIN SEARCH page so as to avoid any confusion due to difference of time on user’s Mobile device and IRCTC server:
       a)  iOS App:   25-May-22
       b)  Android:   12-Dec-22
    13. New sleek design of Electronic Reservation Slip (ERS) on booking of e-tickets from IRCTC Website implemented:
       a)  Website:   15-July-22

    14. Loyalty account changes in IRCTC Rail Connect Mobile App done for inclusion of Bank of Baroda card:
       a)  Android:   05-Aug-22
    15. For IRCTC e-wallet user facilitation from Oct 2022 onwards, IRCTCe-wallet will never expire and will be available lifetime free of cost.
    16. Implementation of ‘Rating’ for capturing user experience in Indian Railways IT applications done in IRCTC Rail Connect Mobile App:
       a)  Android:   09-Nov-22
    17. Implementation of content cube advertisement widget on Website and Mobile App:
       a)  Android:   09-Nov-22
       b)  Website:   01-Jan-23
    18. Ask Disha Chatbot service moved to AWS based URL Updatein IRCTC Rail Connect Mobile App:
       Android & iOS: 09-Nov-22
    19. Integration of inMobi Ad Network on Google AD Manager for revenue generation.
       a)   23-Nov-2022
    20. Users can now download ERS on mobile app and request ERS as a pdf form in the mail after booking:
       a)  Website:   29-Nov-22
       b)  Android:   12-Dec-22
    21. Now User can re-verify Aadhaar details:
       a)  Android:   12-Dec-22
    22. Non-commercial ISL (Stations) to be displayed with proper information in Route Detailsin IRCTC Rail Connect Mobile App:
       a)  Android:   12-Dec-22
    23. Cancellation facility online is available for Current Booking PNRs:
       a)  Website:   15-Dec-22
    24. Pass/PTO Tickets booked on PRS counters can now be cancelled onlineat the IRCTC website:
       a)  Website:   16-Dec-22
    25. Integration of Cache as EMI Payment Provider on Mobile App (iOSPlatform) RDS model Mobile App:
       a)  iOS:   12-Jan-23
    26. Hindi Language Mobile App in sync with website in IRCTC Rail ConnectMobile App:
       a)  Android:   30-Jan-23
    27. Integration of Easebuzz as MPP on IRCTC Rail e-ticketing MobileApps on RDS MODEL:
       a)  Android:   30-Jan-23
    28. Proliferation of booking through Ask Disha Chatbot in Mobile App:
       a)  Android:   30-Jan-23
    29. Integration of Razorpay UPI in UPI (exclusive) payment option ofRail Connect Mobile App:
       a)  iOS:   20-Feb-23
    30. Integration of Video Ads Widget on IRCTC Website:
       a)  Website:   09-Mar-23
    31. Changes done in Rail ConnectApp to Order Food in Train from e-catering:
       a)  Android:   30-Jan-23
    32. Changes in the position of iPay in Mobile App for proliferation of booking:
       a)  Android:   30-Jan-23
    33. Highest ever ticket booked in a minute is 28,434 on 12.11.2022 at 11.02 AM.
    34. Biometric based login for Mobile App is initiated to address the complaints of repeated Captcha and difficulty in using the App on 26-Dec-22.
    35. IRCTC has developed e-ticketing application for Paramilitary Forces for booking reserved rail e-tickets to their personnel.
       a)  E-ticketing system was commissioned for Indo-Tibetan Border Police (ITBP) for booking Reserved Rail e-tickets for ITBP personnel w.e.f. 09-Feb-2023.

    36. Launch of IRCTC HDFC Bank Credit Card Cobranded Credit Card on RuPay platform (01-Mar-23)

    As another step towards expanding IRCTC’s Co-Branded Credit Card cum Loyalty Program, on 01st March 2023, IRCTC in collaboration with HDFC Bank launched a new Co-Branded Credit card on the indigenous RuPay platform, under the ambit of the existing Loyalty Program for rail users, known as the IRCTC HDFC Bank Credit Card. This is the third Co-Branded credit card Partner in series with whom IRCTC has entered into a collaboration to execute this program. This cobranded RuPay Credit Card has been curated to offer multiple benefits to frequent travelers.
    The key features offered to the users of this card are:
       i) 5 Reward Points per Rs. 100 spent on IRCTC Website/ IRCTC Mobile App
       ii) 1 Reward Point per Rs. 100 spent on non-IRCTC Spends
       iii) Additional cashback of up to 5% on Train ticket booking via HDFC Bank SmartBuy
       iv) Value of 1 Reward Point shall be Rs. 1 for Train ticket booking and IRCTC voucher purchase
       v) Gift Voucher Worth Rs.500 on the first transaction within 30 days of issuance of the Co-Brand Credit Card by the Bank
       vi) Gift Voucher worth Rs. 500 on quarterly spends of Rs. 30,000
       vii) Reversal of 1% Transaction charges on transactions done on the IRCTC Website and IRCTC Mobile App by the usage of the Co-Brand Credit Card
       viii) 8 Complimentary access to select IRCTC Executive Lounges every year (Maximum of 2 lounge access per quarter)
       ix) First-Year Joining Fee – RS. 500/- + Applicable Taxes
       x) Renewal Membership Fee – RS. 500/- + Applicable Taxes

  • Highlights of Internet Ticketing (2022-23)

      1. A record of highest ever website booking of 15,88,592 tickets was achieved on 21 March, 2022.
      2. Total number of tickets booked were 4313.00 Lakhs, which is 3% of the last year.
      3. Total Train Ticket Fare for online e-ticketing during the year 2022-23was Rs. 54313.46 crores.
      4. Total 9.95 Crore Mobile App (on Android & iOS) Downloads till 31st March, 2023.
      5. Mobile Bookings: The average Mobile App bookings during 2022-23 were 5.60 Lakh tickets per day, as compared to 5.25 Lakh tickets in 2021-22. 47.35% of IRCTC e-Tickets have been booked through IRCTC Rail Connect Mobile App during FY 2022-23.
      6. Share of Reserved Rail tickets booked online was 80.99% in 2022-23, as compared to 80.43% of the reserved tickets booked online in 2021-22. There has been continuous increase in online booking share over the years.

      7.Launch of IRCTC HDFC Bank Credit Card Cobranded Credit Card on RuPay platform on 01-Mar-23.
      8.Substantial and consistent revenue growth shown in ticket booking through AskDisha Chatbot FY 2022-2023, total tickets are 5.78 Lakhs and Total Revenue Earned is Rs 84.92 Crores.
      9.Reserved rail e-ticketing service for ITBP launched on 09-Feb-2023.
      10.On December 21, 2022, IPPB signed a MoU with IRCTC to provide reserved rail e-ticketing services to customers through their Postman/GraminDakSevaks (GDSs) under the G2G Scheme. IPPB will develop and integrate an e-ticketing application on its platform (website/mobile app) for booking reserved rail e-tickets through post offices. Once implemented this service will be available to customers through the more than one lakh Postmen, GDSs, and Postal Assistants employed by IPPB in the nook and corner of the country.
      11.IRCTC e-ticketing call center has been allotted single short code allocation i.e. 14646. This will help in e-ticketing customer care branding as well as it is easy to remember for public.
      12.Advertisement/Marketing/Promotional Activities:
         a)Push Notification Services on IRCTC Website and Mobile App: Through this facility 875 crores Mobile App push notifications and 348 crores Website push notifications were send to users across India for IRCTC in-house products ranging from Bharat Gaurav Tourist trains, E-Catering, Chatbot Booking services to Ramayana Yatra, Bus bookings and many such more items.
         b)Integration of Ad Network for additional Advertisement revenue –inMobi Ad Network was added to Google Ad Manager on 23-Nov-2022 for facilitating ad-on revenue to IRCTC.
         c)In order to maximize revenue streams through digital inventory, new placeholder for Cuboid widget ads, video Ads widget was added to IRCTC Website in year 2022.